Google Pedometer Expert Provides Nine Free Pedometer Buying Tips

How can I get the best pedometers in bulk for the lowest prices?

1) Figure out the type of pedometers you need (promotional or quality)

2) Figure out the functions you want (steps, miles, calories, activity timer…)

3) Research the Brands that meet your needs (check warranty).  Traditionally, quality pedometers have a 9month -1 year warranty

4) Research Prices for your Pedometers – Do a search online.

5) Know your quantity – Buying Pedometers In Bulk? Demand lower prices.

6) If your purchasing a 1,000 or more pedometers (request a free sample).  If a company provides one and it passes your review… then be sure to purchase through that company or (return it to them).

7) Be sure to purchase your pedometer through the company that provided the sample.  Why?  There are hundreds of look-a-like pedometers on the market.  The components (inside parts) of the pedometers is where the detailed workmanship comes in.  Don’t make the mistake of judging a book (or pedometer) by it’s cover.

8) Ask for any special deals that are available (can’t hurt to ask)

9) Be prepared… if you have a custom logo- the company may ask for a check or a wired payment.  This is especially true with promotional pedometers.  Why?  A pedometer company can not resell your custom logo pedometers.  If you are unhappy – you probably will not be able to return you item.  (This is why you must ask for a sample or two ahead of time).  A company will take a return if the pedometers are defective.  However, if they are the same quality that the sample was…then you should not expect a refund or be upset with the company that you negotiated with.

10) I just had to add this tip: Don’t buy your google pedometers from (end all-be all) promotional item companies.  They will charge you at least $1.00 more per pedometer than a company that specializes in pedometers.

Check out our press release for more information on how to get quality pedometers in bulk for the lowest possible prices!

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