About Us

Hello google users… My name is James Fogarty and I have been in the pedometer business for over ten years.  My company www.everybodyfit.com was set up to make sure that organizations like yours get the best pedometers possible for the money.  Our highest recommendations for google pedometer users are from the Accusplit line of pedometers.  Accusplit Eagle Pedometers are highly accurate and are priced below their competition.  Which is why we are very happy to be able to offer you these pedometers for the lowest prices in the world.

Please contact me at jfogarty@everybodyfit.com and allow myself or my team of experts to help you get the best pedometers for your particular needs.

For example:  Do you need quality pedometers that need to last for years, or do you need a promotional pedometer that will last for weeks?  Perhaps you need one that will last a year or two?

Which pedometers work best for employee wellness programs?  Do you want a multifunction pedometer or a pedometer that just measure steps?

To check our incredible Accusplit pedometer prices simple go to our Accusplit webpage:

http://www.everybodyfit.com/AccusplitPedometersinBulk.htm .

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